Continuous and Outsourced Risk Management
This method is the most cost-effective and efficient form of risk management. American Risk Management acts as the outsourced risk management department for a variety of businesses and associations. Our portfolio consists of full time clients who employ American Risk Management in the same fashion as their CPA or Law firm.

Our ongoing services include:
– Risk Analysis
– Maintenance of Bid Specifications Database
– Remarketing as Needed
– Oversight of Loss Control Program
– Review of Loss Runs and Claims Handling
– Review of Leases
– Audit Reviews
And more….

These services will be custom designed to your unique needs and we welcome the opportunity to discuss your needs and how we can help.

Bid Specifications
Comparing two different insurance proposals can be a very difficult task. Insurance Policy forms, deductibles, values and endorsements can be dramatically different.

What coverages do you need? What endorsements need to be deleted? What limits do you need?

In order to receive “apples to apples” bids, the proposing brokers/companies need a comprehensive guide for requested coverages, endorsements, deductibles and insured values.

Competitive Marketing and Bidding
Our methods consist of controlled access to insurance markets. Paramount to this process is the use of comprehensive bid specifications.

Usually there are only a handful of insurance companies that provide a particular type of insurance for a specific industry. American Risk Management identifies the potential markets and assigns the markets to ensure the best possible quotations.

Traditional Insurance Alternatives (Alternative Risk Financing)
The most cost-effective method for your insurance program may be non-traditional insurance options such as:

– Captive Insurance Companies
– Rent-A-Captives
– Self-Insurance
– Risk Retention Groups
– Risk Purchasing Groups
– Large Deductible programs
– Other alternative approaches

We will assess and evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of each option as a key step in our process to develop the best possible risk management program for your company.

American Risk Management has extensive experience and knowledge of the tax, regulatory and legal implications associated with each option.

Claim Prevention and Training
Preventing Claims is the Best Way to Keep Your Insurance Costs Low. We will assist you in:

1. Adopting Good Hiring Practices
2. Pre-employment Screening
3. Continuous Training

Please contact Kevin Hurstak to discuss training options for your company. 800-245-0001.

Claims Review/Management

Expert Witness
We offer professional opinions to determine your options and expert testimony at trial.

Please contact us for a review of your case. 1-800-245-0001.

Risk Analysis and Exposure Planning