Why Hire Us

Is your broker/ insurance company presenting you with the best options or even all of your options to meet your insurance needs? Have you been able to test the market to know for sure? Do you know how to do this to your best advantage?

Any one insurance provider cannot typically access the entire marketplace. You need comprehensive bid specifications and controlled access to potential insurance markets. You need this from someone who is not selling it to you.

Have you explored alternative methods to finance risk such as captive programs?

For medium to large sized organizations, alternative risk financing can be a more cost-effective method than traditional insurance. American Risk Management evaluates these options and our analysis is without concern for gain or loss to commission or contingent income.

Do your policies contain the best forms and conditions for your exposures? Or are they just boilerplate? Are your deductibles and policy limits correct for your business?

Your business is unique and a boilerplate insurance policy is probably not the best option to properly address the exposures your company faces. American Risk Management will conduct our risk analysis and exposure audit and then develop a custom insurance program that addresses your specific needs.

Are you paying the right premium?

The only way to know is to access the entire market and buy only what you need at the best possible price. Any one agent or company usually does not represent the entire marketplace. American Risk Management acts as the unbiased facilitator to identify the potential markets, develop comprehensive bid specifications and competitively market your program with controlled access to providers. Results are access to the entire market and the best possible pricing.